Posted by 바자바 thought : 2006.09.28 05:56
let me say,
one member maintains his/her family in many ways
while the other member goes out to earn money for his/her family's sake.

it's quite awkward to me and in actuality.
becuase reality is very cruel. something happens every day every night.
life is not easy to live for every person and i realise that at long last.

nobody wants to sacrifice his/her own life anyway
even more - nobody wants to see his/her partner sacrificing anything in any way.

it's not such a secret which we lie to our partner to marry her/him or live together.
we just know it ... hoping not happen to ourself.
but it happen every day every night.

i don't know - for whom the relationship to our partner (or life itself) is worth.
also can't get any answer why we do that.

song : Stairway To Heaven (live)
artist : Me First and the Gimme Gimme

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