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  1. 2006.09.04 catch up in two years

catch up in two years

Posted by 바자바 routine : 2006.09.04 03:15

actually it passed more than two years.
to be honest, she is changed somewhat.
hmmmm, let me see...

she is younger than she who I had known for many years.
she looked different in some ways,
but it didn't matter to me at all.
she came to be familliar to me very quickly.
she smiled with her eyes twinking.
that's more than enough.

that's what I see yesterday.
it's quite a Sunday afternoon.
I was just happy about that I could see her again.
...yeah, that's what means to me.

even though our problems are not solved... yet.
we can get through them.
we will.

Song : When I'm With You
Artist : Paul Pennell
Album : Fearless ('02)

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