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  1. 2006.09.07 routine. work.

routine. work.

Posted by 바자바 work : 2006.09.07 17:48
there're many details in every field,
every field - contemporary music, fine arts, architecture and comic books.

but we can't be a expert in all details of whatever the field is.
we just have to keep studying about one detail and then
extend and widen our knowledge about others.
that's a difficult point that we have to extend that.

when we do that,
sometimes we might feel that we're lost in somewhere.
or we might think that that's enough for us.
but there are no gains without no pains.

anyway I write this in the middle of translating some articles.
that's too gross, time-consuming job.
but I need it and I know it.

need to breathe some..
half enjoying, half annoying.

song : On My Mind
artist : Astrud Gilberto
album : Windy ('68)

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