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  1. 2006.09.21 half done

half done

Posted by 바자바 routine : 2006.09.21 02:24
i've done half of whole process.
but it's not easy to assemble the pieces, make the final version.
it's always indeed.

anyway, scent of wind is needed for me sometimes
so i did today.
oh, i need some clothes for this fall but
it's always hard for me to choose my own clothes by myself...
it's very enjoying time to choose someone's clothes though.

actually, i found yesterday some jacket that i like
but omg... it's too expensive for me now
i'll go shopping around my place today.
hope that i find proper one.

ah, when i got to my place listening to the music,
my mp3 player says,
"... someone is going to take my heart."

song : Prudence
artist : Wim Mertens
album : After Virtue ('88)

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