there have been so many spam-referer attacks in my blog. they are in everywhere. and i found some points of sameness that they all are keywords related to insurance, loan, mortgage, life insurance and so on. and i think why, why those keywords are attacking and overwhelming all over the blogosphere.

then i found this article like "adsense - how to get high paid click?" or "how to get at least 0.2 per click in adsense".

oh. that's why. there are so-called "high competitive industries" that pays very big money clicks through google adsense.

are you interested in that industires?

here are some:

- car insurance
- accident claim
- conference call services
- prostate cancer
- loan
- mortgage
- lawyer
- lemon law
- injury compensation
- life insurance
- attorney
- web hosting ecommerce
- culinary
- travel insurance
- anti spam

and that makes sense.

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