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  1. 2006.09.28 finished one

finished one

Posted by 바자바 work : 2006.09.28 21:39
i just finished one of my works now.
it's a little bit hard for me that have this sort of work a long time ago.
and, of course, there'll be several takes left sooner or later but i don't care - it's quite natural for many projects... so it's ok.

wanna take some rest and want some beer
but i didn't prepare for my another work!!! it's for tomorrow.
i have to tonight. :(

anyway i wonder why they don't call me again for any reasons.
actually few days ago some guy call me to use my piece of work for their paper and web site. (it's different thing from a project above)
they also mentioned payment and it's gonna start soon.

hmmm. is it postponed or something?

song : Whole Lotta Love
artist : Goldbug
album : Ministry Of Sound - Acid Jazz Classics ('04)

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